Artwork > 2010-Present: "Willows or Illusions" Berlin Portraits

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Shortly after the ending of a special relationship and the loss of my parents. I turned the camera on myself for the very first time. I would photograph myself obsessively for almost a year and appropriately titled it "the private world of alydelu" (see included portfolio). I eventually wanted to extend this and document the circle of friends and acquaintances that I hung out within the Berlin local art scene, including Basso Berlin - Art & Culture on Köpenickerstrasse, the early days of Möbel-Olfe, Roses, and later Südblock.

Aside to the portraits, (and saving contact information that was written on coasters from the previous evening), I kept a journal recording the experience of the shoot that often took the whole day. The majority of the sessions took place in my home on Oranienstrasse and the ideal light situation was the beautifully diffused light of winter.

After taking several rolls of film and depending, I'd shoot a second portrait that included me, creating a double portrait.
A heartfelt thank you to those who participated, directly or indirectly and welcoming me into this very unique creative community during an extremely difficult period in my life, I am forever grateful.

Included is a small selection taken here and sometimes there, listed in Random

Katrin Becker

Andrea Scrima

Marie eve LaFontaine

Florian Zeyfang

Karl Holmqvist

Nadja Abt

Doris Berger

Henrik Olesen

Gerry Bibby

Ariane Mueller and Martin Ebner

Daniel Yamada

Christian Siekmeier

Ryan McLaughlin


Dorothea Tuch

Neda Sanai

Hiroshi McDonald Mori

Constance Barrère Dangleterre

Jon Cambell

Ben Clark

Steven Warwick

Julian Goethe

Hanapoo Gradinger

Steev Lemercier

Florian Zeyfang

Anton Stoianov

Rein Vollenga

Guillaume Airiaud

Scott Cameron Weaver

Adrian Hermanides

Marc Bauer

Jan Molzberger

Sabina Maria van der Linden

övül ö. durmusoglu

Hunter Reynolds

Laura Bruce

Annette Ruentzler

Paul Cabine

Claire Millage

Caryl ~ Creative Renegade

Hanapoo Gradinger

Annika Strom

Claudia Hart

Jessie Evans

Billy Miller

Yamato Takahata

Yusuf Etiman

Dominic Eichler