Early Work: The Body of Water, Crime Scene Series Photo-documentation, Installations 1990-2000 > Only India 1993

Traveling through India we took on several occasions buses and at night.
This shot was taken on a 16 hour bus ride I believe from Delhi to Varanasi
and often the bus stop at rest area. I was wiped out sitting in a over crowed bus,
in front of the with six other people next to this charming driver. Though it was uncomfortable ride and was keeping my eyes constantly on the road, we laughed joked a lot. He was great.

The bus stops, rest areas where amazing with the low amber light, small camp fire, shadowy dark figures, people who faces you couldn't see and you as well become part of a film. The only sound you hear is the sound of people moving, the fire, the sound of glasses as they where being moved. Tea and stacks of eggs.

I wish I got a better shot.